Big Pug, Big Adventures

Welcome to the virtual doghouse of Harry The Pug.

Vital Stats

Name: Harry The Pug
DOB: February 12, 2005
Weight: Approx. 20 lbs.
Nicknames: Puggy; Puggo; Pug-Wug; Wug; Big Pug; PooGoo; Harry Pugger; Mr. P; Pug'suke; Mr. Henoji; Dr. Puppy-Kisses; Mr. Wuggins; Mr. Curly-Tail; Makijippo-san
Likes: Greenies, Mousie, Squeak-Bone, playing chase, wrestling with other dogs; destroying plush toys; Cushions and other soft surfaces
Dislikes: Bitter-cold winter weather, getting his nails cut
Notable achievements: Reliably housebroken from 5 mos. Has vacationed at Lake Tahoe and the northeastern United States; Special talents: Can form the Japanese hiragana character "he" with his lower lip; Can give 30+ minutes of puppy kisses without a break; Can "go get the Mousie."